Hello! I am an International Relations undergraduate that has an affair with classic menswear. The main subject of this blog is my ongoing bespoke projects. Thanks, Victor.

The mid-Atlantic break.

It took me a while, but I’ve finally settled with a trouser length. One that Barbera calls “the mid-Atlantic break”.

This is not obvious when you start to think about it. First, there’s the trousers silhouette, as skinny trousers would be disastrous with full break or as fuller trousers just seem more natural with a generous break. Second, we should account for the fabric differences, lighter (weight) fabrics make up a better trouser with a full break because they tend to rise up when we walk (which is a good amount of the time ) and rumpleable fabrics (cotton, linen, flannel when it bags) are also well served with more length because a otherwise no-break length will get ruined throughout the day.

Barbera’s advice seems to be reasonable to me because it covers almost every variables and also shows a bit more of those expensive shoes that we wear.

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